Congratulations! Once you’ve passed your exam,
please follow this link to apply for the license


Complete the following application

Life, Accident & Health

Application fee: $188

*Payment must be paid online by either credit card (American Express, VISA, or MasterCard) or debit card (VISA or MasterCard).


– Hover to “Agents & Brokers”
– Click “Applying for a License”

– Click “Individual Resident License”
– Next page then click “Filling Online”
– Scroll down and find the “Sircon Online Services” then click


– Click “New Insurance License”
– Depends on your condition, Select “Resident”, and “Individual”
– Finally click “Continue”
– Enter your email and click Continue

– Enter your information at form below.
– At the Payment Method, select the Credit Card…


– Select Resident Insurance Producer
– Check Accident and Health + Life Only
– Then fill out “Individual information” + “Individual Alias information”(If you have)+”Individual Residence Address” + “Individual Business Address”(if you have business)and other info
*** Please fill out the area that with **Required
** Please find your national Producer Number from https://nipr.com/help/look-up-your-npn
– You must fill out the Employment History Information. Please filling with self-employment if you don’t have any employment record.
– Please finish filling the rest of the question after all.


After submitting your application and paying the filing fee,
please be sure to print/save your application for your records


Within 2-3 weeks, you will receive a confirmation email from CDI that your license is ready to download online.

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